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Woohoo well done :sick:
Gratz on the Mannoroth kill :sick:
I am an idiot and wiped the raid signs for the next three raids - Please could people resign? Thanks.
Woohoo, well done on the new boss kills last night :sick:
Happy happy. Davira :sick:
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After quickly clearing out the upper wing we had a nights worth of progression on Mannoroth. Previously we had a good few attempts learning the fight. On our second pull of the night we executed the Phase 4 plan and Mannoroth was once again dead.


On a Wing and Prayer

Chamonè o posted Aug 19, 15

Next up for the night was Iskar - The UI boss. After a couple of assignments he flew the nest after the first pull.

After getting both bosses down in the first hour we quickly cleared Tyrant leaving ourselves 30 minutes or so for progression work on Mannoroth. Two good pulls, both hitting Phase 4 - expect to see a kill soon. Watch this space.

Organised Chaos

Chamonè o posted Aug 19, 15

After a really good run on Sunday clearing all farm bosses it left us a clear night of progress.

First on the radar was Xhul'horac. After having a few attempts at him in the previous weeks with consistant progression we were confident of a kill. Second time was the charm and he duely gave up his Tier Tokens.

(Apologies about the screenshot - Forgot to hide my ui!)

Velhari Condemned

Chamonè o posted Aug 3, 15

For our next challenge we decided to try Velhari. As the boss is a gear check it would be a marker of where we are with things. After fine tuning our positioning and tightening up a couple of mechanics we killed her on the second pull. 

After Tyrant went down we went on to have 4 good attempts at Xhul'horac. A complex but fun fight with our best attempt being a 25% wipe - I'm sure in the coming weeks we will see a kill and more tier loot.

After clearing 7 bosses on our Sunday run we set our eyes squarely on Fel Lord Zakuun as our next kill. On paper the boss looked to have some fun mechanics and all in all be an interesting fight.

In the biggest anti-climax since Warlords of Draenor was released he fell over on the first pull with zero issues. Free loot!

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