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Normal Highmaul Cleared

Davira a posted Wed at 11:10
A full evening to work on Imperator saw solid progression throughout the night with each attempt getting better and smoother.

On the 9th pull (which happened to be the last pull of the night), we managed a pretty smooth fight for the most part and gutted through the last phase to get our kill.

Bearing in mind this is only the 3rd week we've been on Highmaul, I think this is great progress.

Congratulations to the whole raid team for all your hard work, whether you were with us for the final kill or not.

First Heroic Down

Davira a posted Mon at 14:24
Third week raiding and another excellent start to the week. Managed to down 6 bosses in Normal with only 1 wipe. As we didn’t have much time left to move onto Imperator Mar’gok, we decided to kill Kargath Bladefist on Heroic.

Once again, a very good performance resulted in downing him on the first attempt.

We’ll be back to Imperator on Tuesday and hope to be posting another news story about his death soon after :)

Increasing the Kill Count

Davira a posted Mon at 14:23
On the second raid night of our first week raiding, we again had an excellent run with 2 more bosses downed.

The Twin Ogron encounter was a little messy but we again managed to one shot them.

Ko’ragh proved more challenging while we worked on our tactics and positioning, managing to chalk up a total of 5 wipes before we downed him.

All in all, an excellent start to our raiding progress for Warlords of Draenor, and hopefully the shape of things to come. Well done everyone :)

Starting with a Vengeance

Davira a posted Mon at 14:21
A new expansion and an awesome start to Soul Crusaders raiding. Our first night and we downed 4 bosses.

We obviously started with Kargath and he went down first time pretty easily. There was almost a GAP for Ilura going into a pit but he managed to blink over/out of it so gained a little kudos instead :p

Moving on, we then gave The Butcher a go. Had 1 wipe on this while we were working on our positioning but he went down the second time.

Brackenspore proved more of a challenge to get all the mechanics sorted, specifically the moss. However, once we increased our dps by switching a healer to dps spec he died fairly easily.

Tectus proved a challenge with regards to positioning but thanks to some excellent tactics advice from Angustiae, we killed him on the first pull – go team.

Well done guys on a great kill - progress all through the night and he went with relative ease...... :)
Congratulations to Vab on her heirloom weapon and to Thorril for coming to tank.

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