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It's my own fault. I've got bad karma after trolling Corv with the bow.
I second Morg's request
Morgen seems to have upset the loot gods. I know who I'm not standing next to in screenshots! Guilty by association :sick:
Dear Blizz, I'd like some tier please. Thank you in advance...
its hard for me to do witty without resorting to inappropriate language but that's more my issue :sick:
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Moving on from Thogar saw us attempting the first end wing boss in the form of Kromog. A quick tactics suggestion from Ilura saw the healer hands being managed better and he went down fairly easily on the 2nd pull.

All in all, an EXCELLENT start to our raiding heroic mode of Blackrock Foundry - well done to everyone laughing

Horde Plans De-railed

Davira a posted Wed at 13:08

Another fight that is not one of my favourites, but a couple of minor tactics tweaks provided some smoothing out of the fight (at least from my perspective). After 3 wipes he went down on our 4th kill, albeit by the skin of our teeth. However, a kill is a kill and a good job all round.

Menagerie Managed

Davira a posted Wed at 13:07

In the same manner as our first attempt on Normal, Beastlord Darmac proved to be a pretty easy kill and went down on out first attempt with very few problems.

And Your Little Dogs Too!

Davira a posted Wed at 13:05

After the attempts on Sunday, Flamebender proved little resistance on Tuesday, going down fairly easily on the first pull

(yes I know they don't drop a mount but they should!)

Not one of my favourite fights and I was expecting a few attempts for these guys. However, the team did excellent work and they went down on our second attempt.

After the twins, we went to see Flamebender and had 4 wipes while we got to grips with the fight again on Heroic. Sunday will see her go down!

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Davira   published Horde Plans De-railed on News
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