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Thanks! I was wondering if it's worth accepting the free offer thing
Qucik FYI - Windows 10 upgrade does not affect WoW at all. Done it today
I hope everyone has a good weekend :sick:
Yes, it is s o frustrating... and if yoy are 5 min late you lose your app :(
why give an appointment when you have to wait for 2 hours anywaya >. < i dont get it. and it must be even more difficult and annoying with a Child
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Must dominate faster

Chamone posted Fri at 1:38

After our kill of Gorefiend we had a plethora of options of which we chose our next target as Socrethar.

Quite a fun fight all in all, once we had the vehicle mechanic down Socrethar fell over in double quick time on our 3rd pull of the night - stretching our progess to 7/13.

Get in mah belly!

Chamone posted Fri at 1:31

Gorefiend, Gorefiend, Gorefiend. How I bet you wish you hadn't devoured all those souls.

After clearing up all our previous kills on Sunday we had a full night of progression to look forward to with the bloated one. After some small refinements with ranged positioning and healers we managed to kill him just after the raid break to provide us with yet another Tier boss dead.

A poke in the eye

Chamone posted Fri at 1:26

After our successful first night in Hellfire Citadel we pushed onto our next target - Kilrogg.

He provided some initial resistance with progess being made each time with dealing with the adds and extending our time in the Vision to 20 stacks before he fell over in a heap to give us our 5th kill.

Reap what you sow

Chamone posted Mon at 1:03

The token council fight of the tier was up next. After one wipe they quickly fell over one after another.. All in all a solid first night raiding in Hellfire Citadel.

High Council

Someone give me a hand

Chamone posted Mon at 0:56

After a couple of wipes due to runes and repositioning the wave phase Kormrok fell over pretty tamely on the third pull. At least he was a little more interesting than the previous two bosses.


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