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All the Training pays off

Davira a posted Wed at 11:05

Another raid night and another new boss downed.

In yet another very fun fight, we actually came very close to killing him on our 2nd pull of the night but it wasn't to be. We then spent the next 30 minutes practising the mechanics in order to give us our kill on the 6th pull, just before the break.

We then moved onto Kromog for the last half of the night and had a few attempts while we tried to practice the mechanics. This was the first boss we've attempted of the next "level" within this raid and the increase in damage was very noticeable. However, we still made decent progress while we learnt so a few more practice runs should see him go down.

Make My Steak Well Done!

Davira a posted Feb 18, 15

(Yes I know the title is a stretch but it amused me so hey :-p)

Started properly working on Flamebender Ka'graz last night and saw solid progress as we learnt the mechanics and fine tuned our responses.

After an hour of working on her, she went down.

Moving on from Ka'graz we went over to say hi to Beastlord Darmac. This was a pretty easy boss as we literally went "Here's the kill order, lets pull and see what happens".... and then one shotted him!

Go Team :-D

After Darmac we had time for a few attempts on Operator Thogar in a fight that is manic and extremely fun. He'll go down next time I'm sure!

Hans'gar & Franzok

Davira a posted Feb 11, 15

Tonight started with a foray to the belt bosses...

Excitement was felt by all as the video had looked manic and fun :)

Real life proved no different and we started off the evening making very steady progress and after pull number three we had a couple of <5% wipes!!

Encouraged by this we continued and after a short break and only 10 wipes, we got a kill!

Well done to everyone it was manic but FUN!

Gruul & Oregorger Down

Davira a posted Feb 9, 15

A very good start to our time in Blackrock Foundry last night.

Starting on Gruul it looked like we were not going to have a good night as we had a gremlin trying to sabotage us. By Gremlin I mean Snowfury's mate who thought picking up his mouse and starting the pull before we were ready was a good idea :-p

However, after one proper wipe (I don't count a SnowPull) where we got the idea of timings and when abilities came in etc. we killed him on our 2nd attempt with relative ease.

Moving onto Oregorger, we were hearing that there was a 98% statistic of groups of our ilevel wiping to this boss. However, we are definitely not a statistic :)

A number of wipes occurred as we figured out positioning and mechanics but we were making solid progress every attempt. I really enjoyed this boss and I know a number of other people did as well, although the camera angles left a lot to be desired due to the design of the room. After 7 progression wipes we got our kill on the typical last pull of the night :-D

Snow Snowpull lol, you know that's going to stick :/

Highmaul 6/7 Heroic

Davira a posted Feb 6, 15

Starting the evening on Ko'ragh we saw solid progression as we got used to the harder mode. After spending just under an hour working on him, we managed to down him on our 6th attempt.

For the second part of evening, we moved onto Imperator but only had around 30 minutes to deal with him after we had cleared the trash. We still had some good progress made though, and if we had more time I'm sure we would have downed him.

However, we are now 7/7 on Normal and 6/7 on Heroic after only 5 weeks (20 hours) raiding. This is fantastic progress so looking forward to our performance in Blackrock Foundry.

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