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Good work folks
Gratz all! Was a good fun kill!
WELL DONE on HC Archi kill tonight :d
Running late....don't bank on me
wow, nice! :)
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Two for Tuesday

Sheira a posted Dec 9, 15

I'm starting to see a pattern here!

After a solid clear on Sunday night (7 HC kills plus Archi normal) and some practice on Socrethar, we returned to Socrethar on Tuesday with the whole night ahead of us. We had some teething problems with getting the hang of the new tactic we tried at the end of Sunday night as well as a slightly different raid team set up compared to normal, but after over an hour of practice, we got him down to 10% and boom! He was down!

We quickly moved on to Zakuun to squeeze two or three attempts on him before the end of the raid. He seemed like a totally different boss compared to our previous attempts on him! In true SC style, he fell over on our last pull of the night (and we hadn't even announced that it was). We managed the fissures, waves (somehow it seemed quite ad-hoc how we did!) and Seed explosions well.

Well done all!

Soc it to me baby!


Disarmed and Disembodied


Winging it.

Chamonè posted Nov 24, 15

Big Bird. Fire. Adds and a great big beam. What can go wrong?

After a couple of pulls we finally managed to fell the bird.


Chamonè posted Oct 23, 15

After quickly clearing up the bosses we had previously killed we focused our attention on the next target. Kormrok.

Initially we had a few issues (Mainly because someone *ahem* didn't remember the difference in the empowered abilities) once we had that under control via assignments he quickly fell over giving us our first T18 token Heroic kill.

We just had enough time after Kromrok to have a pull or two on Council. Initial thoughts suggested this could be a fight we might spend a couple of wipes on to deal comfortably with the ramp up in abilities. We made a mockery of this and dealt them a swift one shot kill.


Chamonè posted Oct 23, 15

After our impressive Sunday run which saw us run through Archi (Normal) and the first 5 bosses on Heroic we came up against our first true test.

Gorefiend by design can quickly spiral in to a train wreck of puddles of nonsense and deaths everywhere. We quickly started adapting to the difficulty changes and adds felt more and more under control. On our 4th pull he slumped over. 

We had time to make some inital pulls on Iskar, which if not for a certain tank not called Selwens' connection would have fell over also.

(Yes, that is a wrestling reference. If you can't abuse your power then what's the point in power?)

Visions of Death

Chamonè posted Oct 23, 15

One Sunday Autumn evening everything worked like clockwork. Archimonde Normal and one shots on the first 4 bosses left us with time to burn on Kilrogg. 

A few pulls came with issues with adds sneaking through but we quickly dispatched him on our 3rd pull.

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