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Archimonde Heroic

Chamone a posted Apr 19, 16

Stickin it to the Man

Davira a posted Feb 21, 16

With the Xmas break fast approaching we decided to push on for the last reset and have some attempts at the bosses we were yet to kill this tier on heroic. Xhul fell over double quick leaving us with the real progression up next.

The first pull we had resulted in a 15% wipe so the omens looked promising before a 1% (5.2m) wipe. Fair to say he fell over the next pull without too much change our end leaving us a solid one and half nights to progress on Archi. We managed steady progression throughout the nights with our best attempt being 13%. A solid couple of nights all round.

<Insert witty title here>

Davira a posted Feb 21, 16

After clearing farm content quickly we left ourselves with a night on content we had yet to tackle. First up was Tyrant Velhari.

The first two pulls proved unsuccessful as we tried to manage our movement in the first phase as well as balancing our DPS to make sure we didn't hit the 2min benchmark in phase one, whilst also getting the add low enough to not extend Ph2. After a bit of re-jigging she keeled over on the third pull of the night.

Two for Tuesday

Sheira a posted Dec 9, 15

I'm starting to see a pattern here!

After a solid clear on Sunday night (7 HC kills plus Archi normal) and some practice on Socrethar, we returned to Socrethar on Tuesday with the whole night ahead of us. We had some teething problems with getting the hang of the new tactic we tried at the end of Sunday night as well as a slightly different raid team set up compared to normal, but after over an hour of practice, we got him down to 10% and boom! He was down!

We quickly moved on to Zakuun to squeeze two or three attempts on him before the end of the raid. He seemed like a totally different boss compared to our previous attempts on him! In true SC style, he fell over on our last pull of the night (and we hadn't even announced that it was). We managed the fissures, waves (somehow it seemed quite ad-hoc how we did!) and Seed explosions well.

Well done all!

Soc it to me baby!


Disarmed and Disembodied


Winging it.

Chamone a posted Nov 24, 15

Big Bird. Fire. Adds and a great big beam. What can go wrong?

After a couple of pulls we finally managed to fell the bird.

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