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New Week - New Challenges - and unfortunately more work! Oh well......
I hope they can :sick:
Hi guys, thanks for accepting my application :sick: Just waiting for a response from a GM to clear my name on Turalyon and i'll migrate over :sick:
Yes :sick:
Quite looking forward to the anniversary event (Starts on Friday :sick:)
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Well done guys on a great kill - progress all through the night and he went with relative ease...... :)
Congratulations to Vab on her heirloom weapon and to Thorril for coming to tank.


Paragons Gone

Davira a posted Jan 17, 14
Another good night of progression saw another boss defeated. After the brief practice we had the previous raid night, the Paragons didn't take long for us to defeat with only one wipe. Good job guys!

This fight is so much easier than blackfuse, it's almost ridiculous. Hell, even the previous bosses trash was harder than these guys :)

Now only Garrosh stands between us and victory. With good progress being seen in the hour and a half we had to practice on him, i'm anticipating that he'll go down pretty soon :)

Siegecrafter Dies

Davira a posted Jan 12, 14
Another night of progression and another boss bites the dust.

A number of wipes were experiences as we learnt the mechanics and tested different strategies, but each attempt seeing solid progress. After 1.5 hours, we had the tactics sorted and saw a fairly clean kill bringing our progress to 12/14.

We then had just under 30 minutes of playing with the Paragons and saw a very good attempt get 7 of the 9 down. With some concentrated time on Tuesday, these should go down as well :)

Monkey wins the prize

Forsythia posted Jan 6, 14
Sheira a lol Dont forget to add it to the forum thread ...

Thok Down

Davira a posted Jan 5, 14
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